ON MY RIDE - Anna + Penny the Peugeot

Meet Anna, our founder (YAY!) as she rides through industrial Brooklyn and Dumbo!

Name: Anna (founder of LBB!) 

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Your Bike Name: Penny! 

Your Little Bike Bag print: navy bloom - step through

What you packed: Water, phone, keys, subway wallet, and emergency kit.

Ride start time: 1:15pm

On My Ride: 

I live in the south park slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, and decided to ride over to Red Hook and up into the Brooklyn Heights / Dumbo area (sorry non-locals, you probably have no idea where I am talking about!) The weather was beautiful, with big puffy clouds. I loaded Penny up with the essentials, and loaded myself up with sunscreen to avoid a sunburn, tied my biking bandana on, and pedaled away!

To get to Red Hook, you have to cross a pretty big highway and a lot of industrial buildings near the Gowanus Canal. Sometimes when riding through this area, a boat comes through the canal. It is really cool to be on a bike and watch the drawbridge come up, like a front row seat to the action!! Luckily, the lights were on my side and I zipped through under the highway overpass. 

Over in Red Hook, there are many empty streets and to "noodle" around as my husband says. I took turns at leisure and found myself in front of a school bus parking lot! I stopped at a pier for a quick water break and a great view of the Statue of Liberty! I am so lucky that I can see these landmarks on my bike by living in Brooklyn!

I continued my ride following the bike routes along the water. There is a long bike path that connects Red Hook to Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights. I opted for the Heights route to enjoy the promenade. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a long walkway that runs above the BQE highway. You can see everything from The Staten Island Ferry, One World Trade, The Brooklyn Bridge, and of course more views of the Statue of Liberty! I realized after taking a selfie that my bandana makes it look like I have a giant red nose, oh well! 

Sufficiently sweaty, I made my way back to South Slope. My route took me past a few schools and the signs for Black Lives Matter that the school kids made were so inspiring and heartwarming. My ride was on the week of Juneteenth, and even though school was not in session, the effort the students took to make their voices heard was amazing. 

Ride end time: 2:30pm

Feeling after ride: Inspired by our youth, and sweaty after a June ride! I treated myself to Jeni's Brown Butter Almond Brittle ice cream afterwards!! 


Thank you for reading our first "On My Ride" blog post, stay tuned for future LBB adventures and click here to learn how to submit your own On My Ride adventure!