About Us


Have you gone on a bike ride and asked yourself, where do I put my phone, keys, and wallet? Little Bike Bag answers this age old problem and is looking to get riders out on the roads with the help of our LBBs (little bike bags!)

We want to promote exercise and wellness, whatever your speed may be, by making you feel excited about your ride while making you look good at the same time. Biking should be fun and fashionable!


I'm Anna, The designer, pattern maker, sewist, marketing, and production lady behind Little Bike Bag! I started Little Bike Bag in 2020 while living in Brooklyn. Due to the pandemic my reliance on biking as my main form of transportation increased, and needed bags that met my new needs. By merging fashion materials with bike shapes, I created my dream bike collection that I could take from coffee shop runs to park dates, and into nighttime events. 

I hope you enjoy the Little Bike Bags as much as I enjoy making them!