Why does my order take so long to ship?

We consider ourselves slow fashion, and by that we only make what you order! By making only what is needed, we are doing our part to reduce fashion waste and products collecting dust on a shelf. Each LBB is made by hand after you place your order and that takes time! We appreciate your patience and work to get your LBB on your bike as fast as we can!

What materials do you use?

CANVAS - 100% cotton

VINYL COATED - fabric has a semi shiny layer of clear coating over top for added water protection. 

OIL COATED - fabric has a matte layer of clear coating over top for added water protection. 

WATER RESISTANT - fabric has been treated with a water repellant coating 

NYLON - the interior of your bag!

All styles bags feature grosgrain binding, velcro straps, and a cork label. 

Vinyl, Oil, and water resistant fabrics will help to keep water reaching your personal items but cannot prevent it. The bags are not 100% water proof and cannot entirely prevent the penetration of water, but these materials do help to repel wetness if accidents happen! 

For additional water protection, we suggest Scotch Guard spray for the exterior of the bags and upgrading to a water resistant zipper!

Not recommended for long  periods of wet weather or full submersion into water. Little Bike Bag is not responsible to any damages to any personal product due to water damage.

How should I care for my Little Bike Bag?

Use a clean damp cloth to spot clean. Spray with Scotch Guard for extra water protection. Do not launder.