On My Ride with LBB!


Fill out our “On My Ride” form here for a chance to be featured on our blog and instagram! 

What is “On My Ride”?

You bought a Little Bike Bag to bring on your ride, now it's time to show off where you went!

On My Ride series features you and your ride! Where did you go? What did you see? How was the ride!?! What is your bike’s name (yes that’s a thing!!) We want to hear how our LBBs are being used by their new BFF’s (YOU!!)

Whether you’re going all out and getting into some gravel, commuting to work, riding the many bike trails across the U.S.A, brewery or coffee shop hopping, or just took the LBB for a casual spin and saw something inspiring, we want to see and hear about it!

We’re asking YOU to share how you ride, what you saw, and what you love most about biking!

How do I submit to On My Ride?

Simple! Fill out the form following the prompts, reporting back all of the details and attaching photos. You can choose to be anonymous and show pics of just your bike + LBB on your ride, or be in the photos!

Submission of your On My Ride does not guarantee publication by Little Bike Bag, and posts will not be deleted once posted. By submitting your Money Diary to Refinery29, you agree to abide and be bound by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on our website.


Tips for tracking your ride:

Record the time of day you left, what you packed in the LBB, where you plan to go, things you saw on the ride (snap pics!) The more detail you provide, the better understanding we get of your ride which is what makes a On My Ride fun to read! Please try to keep your On My Ride submission between 2,000-5,000 words

On my ride doesn’t work without you, photos, and a good story! Quality is important to us. Avoid submissions with incomplete sentences or bullet points with no details. Little Bike Bag reserves the right to edit photos and text submissions to improve on clarity, format and edit for concision and grammar. The truth is that diaries that are incomplete, or confusing, are less likely to be published. We encourage you to write in a conversational tone. After writing think, "Would I want to read this?"

We absolutely will not post racially, gender, or politically insensitive content, violence or gun use of any kind, inappropriate language or actions, or substance abuse of illegal drugs. Posts containing these items will not be shared.

By submitting photos and questionnaire you allow Little Bike Bag rights to use media submitted on Little Bike Bag social media platforms. Your submission is not guaranteed to be published.